The purpose of these services is predicated on supporting those who struggle to support their families, as well as themselves, children who don’t have access to education or a safe environment.

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Our Services

As a non-profit organization, Centre for Humanity focuses on a range of different problems and causes surrounding the residents of South Africa, and more importantly those who are underprivileged or don’t have access to the proper resources, nor support to meet their basic needs.

We strive to deliver services that will aid in the lives of as many individuals possible.

The purpose of these services is predicated on supporting those who struggle to support their families, as well as themselves, children who don’t have access to education or a safe environment. Services also include the provision of food, water, sanitation, or any other related need.

Centre for Humanity – Providing services for change

Services include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Building centers for humanity – This means constructing safe environments for individuals who live in poverty, require support, are subjected to violence or victims thereof, require help regarding addiction due to poverty, creating community centers and educational facilities, specifically for children, so they have access to education, and more.

These centers may appear in the form of containers, and bigger projects may also be constructed as centers themselves, or already established educational, community or medical centers. These include creches, schools, clinics and community halls.

  • Feeding the poor and less fortunate – As a primary need for humans, having enough food to sustain yourself, while living in a poor community or being unemployed, is extremely difficult.

One of Centre for Humanity’s main services is to provide individuals with food and food gardens, which will allow them to have access to facilities where they can also pick the food themselves. We also strive towards teaching individuals how to make their own food gardens and sources of food, which will also allow them to take initiative and support themselves.

Providing food to children, is quite important to us, as children need food for developmental purposes and to be able to focus in school. A hungry child cannot focus on learning, which is why it is important to provide them with this basic need.

  • Addressing all the needs of different communities – Every community living in poverty, are less fortunate, or require support to survive, are a priority to Centre for Humanity. While one organization can’t solve all the problems that poverty presents in South Africa, we can still help others.
  • Early childhood development – Apart from feeding infants and children, Centre for Humanity also work to ensure that children are kept safe, are well looked after, healthy and educated. This early development initiative also focuses on teaching children basic things, that will aid in their development through each phase of their childhood.
  • Shelters for abused children and women – Abuse is considered one of the most impactful experiences in a child’s life. Abuse not only affects children and women but also men.

When children or women are abused, they are often abused more than once, which is something that may take place anywhere and at any time. The fact that South Africa has had 124,526 reported cases of rape in the last three years, is one of the scariest statistics yet.

Especially, when you consider that a lot of rapes don’t get reported whatsoever, due to women and children being too scared to report it.

41% of these cases are also against children, which is why providing shelters for individuals that have been victims of rape and violence is very crucial to our organization.

  • Substance abuse – Taking a look at Cape Town, specifically certain areas such as the Cape Flats, something like substance abuse, drug abuse, and violence as a result thereof, including gangsterism, isn’t a new problem in our country.

Treating substance abuse and providing addicted individuals with the help they need, is yet another important initiative that requires a solution.

Since gangsterism, substance abuse and drug abuse are all factors that lead to violence, helping this problem will promote change in different communities. Especially those who need it the most.

If substance and drug abuse can be stopped, there will be less violence against children and women, which will also aid in solving many related problems.

  • We intend providing food gardens – We intend to provide food gardens to poor communities or those who live below the breadline, in the attempt to help feed individuals regardless of their situation. Creating food gardens will not only provide a solution for a day but sustain individuals for longer periods.
  • Computer centers – We want to construct computer centers in areas that are less fortunate, to teach people more about technology and education, as well as how to utilize a computer system, so their chances of getting a job is better.



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